5PANG PERC/PCNL system – Partial

The most comprehensive percutaneous renal access instrument that ensures safe tract creation and eliminates tract loss.



  • Innovative Coaxial PCNL puncture and dilator system
  • Innovation: Dilators telescope over the initial puncture needle
  • Hence, Eliminates extrarenal wire kinking, slippage & tract loss
  • Straightens curved puncture tracts
  • Allows safety wire placement in minipercs
  • Continuous tract tamponade – Decreases clot formation & contrast extravasation
  • Eliminates technical issues of conventional tract creation
  • Dilates and allows sheath sizes 9 Fr. to 30 Fr
  • Decreases procedure & radiation time
  • Fluoroscopy, USG compatible
  • Autoclavable & reusable
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