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An idea conceived by Dr Ashish Rawandale-Patil; Uroinnovation Foundation has established a platform for healthcare professionals to “Develop and strengthen grassroot technological innovations in the field of Medicine”


Doctors are known globally for there fertile brains and as Dr Ashish interacted with his fellow colleagues he found that many of them had brilliant ideas. Some ideas reached academic forums but majority of them were buried in the daily chores of clinical practice. A miniscule of innovations actually reached the first prototype stage and even fewer reached production and distribution stage. End result -“Unsung heroes of the medical community”. The idea vide Uroinnovation Foundation was to conceive a group of innovators in order to bring about a symbiotic innovative activity, screen ideas, develop them and try to “mature an idea into the final innovation”


  • To conglomeralate a creative and knowledge based group of healthcare professionals
  • To expand space for grassroot technological innovators in order to meet the socioeconomic and clinical needs of medical  colleagues
  • To develop a “Think tank” which would facilitate the innovators to select like minded brain partners and augment their ideas collectively.
  • To create a consented “Brain chain” to evolve an idea into a group generated sustainable technology
  • Together become leaders of sustainable ideas and technologies.
  • To preserve the intelectual rights of the innovator and the contributors in the “Thinktank”.
  • To let the innovators disseminate their innovations through name, acclaim, academic forums, commercial and non-commercial channels generating incentives for them and others involved in the value chain.



1.      Disposable fluid measuring and testing kit (Patent applied)
2.      Wire extruder and locking rod for UPAS system (Patent applied)
3.      Rawandale’s TURP simulator (Patent applied)
4.      Portable Virtual fluoroscopy PCNL simulator (Patent applied)
5.      Ultrasound simulator for PCNL (Patent applied)
6.      Virtual fluoroscopy PCNL simulator (Patent applied)
7.      Intrarenal pressure regulation system (Patent applied)
8.      Rawandale’s laparoscopic port placement system (Patent applied)
9.      Rawandale’s peritoneal access barometer (Patent applied)
10.  A novel 5 part percutaneous access needle with glidewire (5-PANG) technique for faster percutaneous nephrolithotomy (Patent applied)
11.  A novel 5 part percutaneous access needle over glidewire – suprapubic access technique (5-PANG-SAT).  (Patent applied)
12.  Hapistent: An innovative self retaining ureteral stent (Patent applied)
13.  Rawandale’s PCNL trainer (Patent applied)
14.  U-PAS organ access system (Patent applied)
15.  Spear headed lithotripter: A cheaper alternative for hard stones
16.  Cross headed lithotriptor (Patent applied)
17.  Paraboloid lithotriptor (Patent applied)
18.  Rawandale’s Suprapubic puncture system (Patent applied)
19.  Crabtrite (Patent granted)
20.  Use of Holmium: YAG laser for a broken and impacted stone basket: A novel Two Limb Fracture Technique
21.  The Fibre Tow Technique: A Novel maneuver to retrieve Ureteric calculi
22.  “Retroflush Jet Evacuation ” for calculi extraction during percutaneous antegrade ureteroscopy
23.    The “Scope Nudge”: an aid to augment stone clearance during endoscopy
24.  Jackhammer nephroscopy (JN) :an aid to fragment evacuation during percutaneous nephrolithotomy
25.  “Jet Evacuation Technique (JET)” for calculi extraction during ureteroscopy
26.  “Scope Shake” (SS) for calculi evacuation during ureteroscopy: our intial experience
27.  Fountain technique for fragment evacuation after pulverisation of large bladder calculi
28.   Unknotting a knotted zebra wire in the ureter: a technique invented
29.   Single handed Laparoscopic surgery – An innovative spectacle frame.
30.  Tension sutures: A new way. Described a novel method for suturing of burst abdomen.