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1.      Disposable fluid measuring and testing kit (Patent applied)
2.      Wire extruder and locking rod for UPAS system (Patent applied)
3.      Rawandale’s TURP simulator (Patent applied)
4.      Portable Virtual fluoroscopy PCNL simulator (Patent applied)
5.      Ultrasound simulator for PCNL (Patent applied)
6.      Virtual fluoroscopy PCNL simulator (Patent applied)
7.      Intrarenal pressure regulation system (Patent applied)
8.      Rawandale’s laparoscopic port placement system (Patent applied)
9.      Rawandale’s peritoneal access barometer (Patent applied)
10.  A novel 5-part percutaneous access needle with glidewire (5-PANG) technique for faster percutaneous nephrolithotomy (Patent applied)
11.  A novel 5-part percutaneous access needle over glidewire – suprapubic access technique (5-PANG-SAT).  (Patent applied)
12.  Hapistent: An innovative self-retaining ureteral stent (Patent applied)
13.  Rawandale’s PCNL trainer (Patent applied)
14.  U-PAS organ access system (Patent applied)
15. Spear-headed lithotripter: A cheaper alternative for hard stones
16.  Cross headed lithotriptor (Patent applied)
17.  Paraboloid lithotriptor (Patent applied)
18.  Rawandale’s Suprapubic puncture system (Patent applied)
19.  Crabtrite (Patent granted)