Facilities and Services

Outpatient Department :

Complete with three clinical examination cubicles, urodynamic lab. pathology lab, radiology department, pharmacy and a waiting hall with a reception cum enquiry counter the patient need not walk more than 25 feet to get his urology problems investigated and diagnosed. The physical examination cubical has a bed side ultrasound to facilitate diagnosis at the first OPD visit itself. The Medical records department maintains a computerized urology data sheet of all the patients. Computerized Offices and labs have allowed the institute of urology to be a paper free hospital.  The Spacious enquiry and waiting hall has every thing from a firefighter to a flyfighter to a PCO. Facility for the relatives to watch the operative endoscope procedures live on the monitor has been provided here. The patients can enjoy education films from the patients’ library on topics of their interest related to their urological problems.

Radiology Department :

The Digital X-ray machine is capable of all sorts of urological X-rays, while the colour doppler and ultrasound machine apart from the usual facilities also allows for transrectal ultrasound guided prostate needle biopsy used for diagnosis of carcinoma of the prostate.




Diagnostic Centre & Blood bank :

The pathology lab caters to many investigations including routine serum and blood investigations, culture and microbiological examinations. Metabolic workup for recurrent stone formers and stone analysis are the special investigations that need to be mentioned. Tumor markers, hormonal assays and histopathological examinations are only some of the other few to mention. The institute has an approved blood bank facility.



Complete Urodynamic Lab :

It is the first and only urodynamic lab in the surrounding seven districts. Computerized graphic recording of the pressure changes in the bladder and the urethra during voiding and filling phases is possible with the help of this machine. This investigation helps in treating neurogenic bladders, complicated surgery cases, urinary incontinence etc. The Studies done on this machine include.
» Uroflowmetry
» Cystometry
» Pressure – Flow studies


ESWL (Extra Corporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy):

The urinary stones are pulverized by the shock waves and are then flushed out by the body. This is stitchless method of stone removal




Operation Theatres :

The operation theater complex includes two state of the art operation theaters, four bedded recovery room, sterilization and stack room. The OTs are specially designed to function as dedicated urology theaters. They are well equipped for any urology operation including renal transplant. Laser, bipolar resection, C-arm, flexible and rigid endoscopes, operating microscopes and all other urology instruments are available apart from anesthesia work stations.


Laser :

After the metropolis the Holmium Ho yag laser machine is available only at this institute. Clinically proven to be the most versatile gold standard for breaking hard stones, cancer treatment and prostate resection, the machine is a boon for the patients. Lesser blood loss & operative time, better healing and shorter hospital stay are some of the advantages of this technology.



Flexible Scopes :

Painless cystoscopy as an outdoor procedure (withour admitting the patient ) is done here with the help of the flexible cystoscope. This scope is an advantage for patients who need Cystoscopy on a regular basis. The institute also has flexible ureterorenoscopes and is regularly doing RIRS(Retrograde Intra Renal Surgeries). We take pride in stating that we are the only center in North Maharashtra catering to these services.



Bipolar Gyrus ACMI Plasmakinetic Resection System for The Prostate :

TURP was the gold standard treatment option for benign enlargement of the prostate till the bipolar resection systems came in. Now plasmakinetic resection system is replacing the conventional monopolar resection worldwide. This technology is known for its bloodless surgery and less postoperative urinary symptoms.



Nephrology and Dialysis :

Dialysis facilities are available round the clock and nephrology services are provided by concerned experts.





Library :

The library has vast collection of books, videos, audios and CDs. We have internet, wi-fi, video shooting, photographing and xerox facilities. The institute subscribes to many international and national journals.




Conference Rooms :

The institute has an OPD and a ward conference room with audio-visual aids…





Indoor patient Section :

The basic patient needs and the nursing facilities have been specially taken care of while accommodating the patient. The patient care rooms have been divided into general and special wards.
Rooms, of whatever class, have the facility of an attached and independent bath and toilet. The institute is fortunate enough to have ample supply of water even in the summer. The hospital is well equipped with solar heaters, water purifiers, water coolers, fly killers, generator and inverters etc.


The Pharmacy :

Takes care of all the routine as well as urology specific medications needed by patients. We have also made it a point to keep all the necessary sundry items that a patient may need on admission to hospital.