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  1. Fountain technique for stone evacuation
  2. Two Limb Fracture Technique for a broken & impacted stone basket.
  3. The Fibre Tow Technique: A Novel maneuver to retrieve Ureteric calculi
  4. Jackhammer nephroscopy (JN) :an aid to stone evacuation.
  5. “Jet Evacuation Technique (JET)” for calculi extraction during ureteroscopy
  6. “Scope Shake” (SS) for calculi evacuation during ureteroscopy
  7. “Retroflush Jet Evacuation ” for calculi extraction during percutaneous antegrade reteroscopy
  8. “Scope Nudge”: Technique to augment stone clearance during endoscopy
  9. Unknotting a knotted zebra wire in the ureter: a technique invented
  10. Single handed Laparoscopic surgery – An innovative spectacle frame.
  11. Tension sutures: A novel method for suturing of burst abdomen.