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  • Urine flow test at home
  • Designed by a urologist
  • Proven accuracy
  • Sterilized, Hygienic, Safe
  • Pee in a natural environment
  • For homebound, chair- ridden & bed-ridden patients
  • Measures maximum flow rate
  • Average flow rate
  • Urine outflow graph
  • Voided time
  • Urine sample collection


  • Confirm : Your bladder is full
  • Unbox the P-flow, with attached funnel & pipe.
  • Place the P-flow on a levelled surface
  • Sit on edge of a chair/ bed/ western commode or stand infront of the P-flow. Hold the funnel & pee into naturally.
  • Scan the QR code on P-flow. Using your mobile phone.
  • Enter details, click & upload a clear photo of side “A”.
  • Wait for 30 seconds; Click & upload photo of side “B”.
  • Dispose kit & await the report.


  1. Pass water into the P-flow funnel and allow the drain pipe to drain into the commode for 3 mins
  2. Invert the P-flow so that the water inside drains out through the drain pipe.
  3. Pack it into the box and dispose it off as a dry recyclable plastic waste/ Return to us for disposal

What is P-flow and how does it help you?

  • P-flow is first of its kind innovation for prevention and followup of kidney diseases. It performs many urine tests in one void at the comfort of your home.

What are the tests that the P-flow can do?

  • The P-flow can do a Uroflowmetry, Urine macro and microscopy, culture, three part test, all in a single void.

Is it safe to void in the P-flow?

  • P-flow is safe & hygienic. It has been provided as a pre sterilized pack for your use .

Do I need to go to the hospital to perform the tests?

  • The P-flow can be used in the hospital or at the comfort of your home. You would get the report on your mobile or email once the required data is loaded onto the online platform.

Do I need an electric connection to perform the test?

  • No, electricity is needed to use the P-flow. Just use the P-flow and upload the pictures to our e-platform. The report would be sent to you online.

Will I have to void multiple times to get the result of the test?

  • No, The P-flow allows you to get the following reports in one Pee/Void: 1) Uroflowmetry 2) Dipstick urine analysis, 3) Sample collection for other tests

What are the urine flow parameters that the P-flow can measure? 

  • The P-flow can measure the Maximum flow (Q max), Average flow (Q avg), Voiding time of urine, The flow curve, Total voided volume of urine. All these are important for diagnosing urine tract diseases. The P-flow also gives you a graph which is needed to diagnose prostate, urethral stricture diseases etc.

How is P-flow different than the conventionally available test methods? 

  • The P-flow is a hygienic, portable, affordable, eco-friendly kit and allows a home based test. It needs no electricity and follows a go green concept. It is as efficient as a hospital based electronic flow meter.

Where can I collect my P-flow report? 

  • You need not go anywhere to collect the report. The report would come automatically onto your mobile or email which you have provided while filling the online form .

After doing the P-flow test do I need to show it to my doctor? 

  • Yes it is necessary that you show the report to your doctor .

Can the P-flow be used in inaccessible areas? 

  • Yes this invention can be used for screening patients in inaccessible areas. It has brought the complete urine test to your door steps.

Can I reuse the P-flow? 

  • No the P-flow cannot be reused. It is a disposable unit.

Can I purchase the kit today and use it at a latter date? 

  • Yes you may purchase the kit and use it within 6 months of its purchase. After 6 months the urine chemical analysis becomes unreliable.

I am a patient living in the hilly/rural area of the country. Can I use it at my home and expect a report? 

  • Yes, the device has been invented to be used any where and the images should be uploaded as soon as possible. You will get the report on your mobile / email.

What diseases can the P-flow plus help to diagnose? 

  • Abnormal substances tested for with a dipstick include 1. Blood, 2. Protein, 3. Glucose, 4. Ketones, 5. Bilirubin and Urobilinogen, 6. Leuocytes Corelating with history, various diseases can be provisionally diagnosed with a dipstick test though confirmation of diagnosis may need further investigations e.g. Ig A Nephropathy Mesangioproliferative Glomerulonephriris Focal segemental Glomerulonephriris Alport syndrome Membranous Glomerulonephriris Mesangiocapillary Glomerulonephriris Focal segmental sclerosis Post infectious Glomerulonephriris Diabetes Mellitus Diabetic Ketoacidosis Amyloidosis Fanconi syndrome Balkan Nephropathy Multiple Myeloma Hemglobinuria Myoglobinuria Urinary tract infection Glycosuria Jaundice Cirrhosis Bilrubinuria Urobilinogenuria UTI (leukocytes test, Nitrite test)