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Tejnaksh Electromagnetic lithotripsy system

Application scope – Urinary system calculus;

Introduction: Tejnaksh brings to you a low price and high performance electromagnetic urology lithotripter. The ideal investment for ESWL treatment


USPs of our machine over the existing 

  1. User friendly, high efficiency and low consumption.
  2. Uses any B-ultrasound for stone location
  3. Can be used with any ultrasound available at your center and hence you save on the permissions and maintenance of a second ultrasound.
  4. Better focusing system than the available so called high end machines
  5. Painless treatment
  6. Low noise   
  7. Treatment bed side control box, LCD screen. 
  8. Stone Locating system

B-ultrasound locate system(optional B-ultrasound device):

  1. Probe axis linear motion distance (motor-driven) 0-100mm;
  2. Probe axis circular motion 360°;
  3. Focus of electronic distance measuring range digital display directly;
  4. Inaccuracy between locating and measuring distance all ≤±2mm

Table Operations

  1. Tableside control box allows two dimensional adjustments 

Treatment bed longitudinal movement- 100mm;

Treatment bed lateral movement – 100mm;

       2. Shock wave head allows 2 dimensional adjustment

Shock waves source up & down – 100mm;

Lateral tilt – 20 degrees

  1. Location movement precision ≤1mm.  
  2. PLC and SCM control;  
  3. LCD screen and working parameter display;
  4. Shock wave energy – continuous adjustable;
  5. Shock wave discharge frequency: 40-90 times/ minute;
  6. Trigger type: manual operate, continuous and ECG.

Electromagnetic shock wave generator

1) Shock waves electrical parameters:

a) High-voltage discharge range: 12~20kV;

b) High-voltage discharge range:46-128J

c) The second focus shock wave pressure field parameters;

d) Plus front ≤ 0.5mS;

e) Plus width  ≤ 1mS;

f)  Focal zone 7.5×7.5×±40mm;

g) Shirking pressure 20-50MPa.

2)Shock waves mechanical parameters:

a) Penetration depth ≥130mm;

b) Shock wave generator angular variation around 40°.

Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature 15~35ºC;

Relative humidity 45~85%;

  1. Atmospheric pressure 86~106kPa;
  2. Power requirements AC 220V  50/60±1Hz,  PW≤3.kW;
  3. Water requirements: de-mineralized water,use level on more than 20L per week.
  4. Space requirements: Room area ≥3m×3m×2.5.

Water cycle system

1) Automatic exhaust and water cycle;

2) Maintains treatment water temperature constantly

3)Alarm and protection devices