World’s First Portable Radiation Free Simulator Unveiled

Agra turned out to be the venue for the unveiling of Tejnaksh Healthcare’s portable radiation simulator. The radiation free simulator concept for training in surgery for kidney stones has been pioneered globally by Tejnaksh Healthcare.

On 30th Apr 2017 Tejnaksh displayed the first of its kind , foldable and portable virtual fluoroscopy simulator. The simulator can be folded and fits into a guitar hard case. When unfolded it can be setup and used to train surgeons. The simulator helps training of various important steps of PCNL, a surgery to remove kidney stones. The simulator was tried out by the delegates at Agra and was well appreciated. This innovation makes the possibility of carrying the simulator to an academic gathering and making onsite training possible which was not possible till date. Tejnaksh innovation team celebrated the success with Agra pethas.